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"I studied guitar under Rob's guidance for a little over three years, covering a wide range of styles. After studying guitar for 20+ years with nearly as many instructors, Rob clearly stands out to me as the best guitar teacher I have ever had.  There are three things that set Rob and his teaching apart: 


1) Incredible depth of knowledge on his instrument that he can apply musically to any style-We covered techniques and musical approaches to rock, jazz, blues, country, pop, fusion and everything in between- Rob's one of those players who not only plays nearly any style, but can teach them too and will have new information integrated quickly into your playing in a very musical way.

2) A kind, patient and positive teaching approach-Rob seems to know just when to push you, when to encourage you, and has an ability to quickly see where you playing needs improvement and lays out a clear plan to take you to the next level. ​


3) A teaching method that emphasizes applying what he teaches you to your own music so you are using it to express your music with the new concepts as quickly as possible- In my opinion, this is the key characteristic of Rob's teaching that truly separates him from the very good instructors and puts him on another level.  Whether the idea is basic and fundamental, or a heady advanced concept, Rob always gives you a clear plan to integrate the concepts into your playing and has you applying them in very musical context immediately. My studies with Rob have done more to advance my playing than most instructors efforts combined."

Manley Feinberg II, Motivational Speaker, Vertical Horizons



"I have hired and fired A LOT of guitar instructors. Signing up for Rob's classroom was, in my opinion, going to be another waste of time where the instructor had this long drawn out method designed to impact your wallet more than your playing skill. The TrueFire risk-free guarantee made me at least want to try it. Within the 1st two lessons, I was hooked. Rob is taking a two pronged approach - rhythm and lead.


The first rhythm question began to tighten up my comping and understanding of rhythm, while the approach to playing lead has helped me develop my style. At the end of the day, I don't sound like Rob, I sound like the player I want to be. Robs responses always incorporate what I'm trying to do, and some ideas on how to get there.


I highly recommend this class. Rob's passion for music, desire to teach, and encouraging attitude has really helped me grow in a short time... I can't wait to see where I will be a year from now!"
Dwane Woodard · Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University


"Rob is an excellent teacher and is very strength based in his approach. He identifies the things you are doing well and gives easy to understand suggestions for improvement. He really encourages and helps you to grow as a player. I've made more progress in the few months I have been with Rob than in the year and a half spent trying to do it alone buying instructional DVD's and using YouTube. Rob is very accessible and I feel I am getting much more than if I was taking weekly lessons.


I highly recommend Rob as a teacher, he is very knowledgeable and can play all styles of music. I gave Rob a "test drive" by taking his Beyond the Pentatonic Scales workshop and couldn't wait to sign up for his class. Do it you won't regret it!"
Ray Gallagher ·  Retired. Northern California

"Rob is great. He did a great job of quickly analyzing where I was on my playing, and developing a Lesson Plan specifically for me. It is incredible that I can actually understand why I am learning something instead of just learning it. Each lesson builds on the prior and you can really see your progress. And, if you have taken face to face lessons in the past and were wondering if this method works,


I can tell you that it is the only way. Instead of once a week, this goes at your pace. I have actually gotten responses to my video submissions within a couple hours. Other times, I have been busy, and can make progress on my lesson after a few days of not reviewing. Rob is a great talent, and a great teacher. And...he is a great guy. Sign up now."
Scott Marx · James Madison University

"I studied with Rob Garland for approximately 2 years. Rob’s lesson plans are organized and formatted to first present the student to music theory and second, apply the theory using songs or backing tracks.  His well rounded approach gives the student real world application and allows them to not only develop improvisation skills, but also understand song structure and provide ideas for being a better rhythm guitar player. Rob focuses on the student’s goals and plans future lessons to develop the student’s musical ability and skills. 


My previous teachers only wanted to teach me songs and did not have a plan to help me achieve my  goals.  The teacher’s role should be guiding, instructing, developing and challenging the student, and that is what I found when  taking lessons from Rob. Rob has the rare blend of not only being an exceptional, patient teacher, but a talented working  musician who likes to share his knowledge.


I highly recommend studying with him if you get the opportunity."
Tom Magrecki, St. Louis, MO


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