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 Rob's music combines elements of rock, jazz, blues, & funk:
vocal and instrumental compositions, always with an emphasis on the guitar. 

 If you enjoy it, please help spread the word and send a link to  your friends! 

        "Rob has a nice batch of tunes: funk, blues & jazz
          fusion. Great guitar playing and good voice too!"        
                                                                                       Mike Varney (Shrapnel Records/Producer)


New Single!
'Strings Attached' now available to Stream/Download 
Watch the video Here

Rob Garland on Spotify
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The Blues Is Just Another Day Rob Garland
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 Spotify Genre Playlists
 Click on an image below to listen to Rob's music on Spotify


Rob performing the music of Cream:

 🎸 I Feel Free   

🎸Sunshine Of Your Love   

🎸 Politician

Rob is currently performing all original jazz-fusion compositions with Catatonic
Check out the shows page for dates


Strings Attached (2023)
The Blues Is Just Another Day (2023)
Rediffusion (2023)
44 Moore (Homage to Gary Moore 2022)

126 (featuring Marco Minnemann, 2021)
Circles (recorded 2014, released 2021)
Quantum Waves (2020) (Credits)
A Different Song (2020) (Credits)
Restless(2020) (Credits) 
The Ranger's Descant (2019) (Credits)
Nuada On The One (2019) (Credits)
Hoodang (2018)
Led Meatbat (Live) (2018) (Credits)
Bayard's Stomp (Live) (2018) (Credits)
A Message Sent (2018)
The Fool (Acoustic) (2017)
Of Peace (2016)
Song For Jade (2015)
Ten Funk (2014)
Take These Blues (2014)

When It's All Said & Done by Rob Garland & The Blue Monks
(2021 Remaster + Bonus tracks Original Recording 2003) Press
Red Spectrum by Red Spectrum (2016)
Seven Voices (2016) by Rob Garland's Eclectic Trio
Purple Koan +3 (2014) by Rob Garland
Richer & Fuller by The Richard Fuller Quartet (2007)

Live by The Oday Project (2005)
Stars Turn Everywhere by Rob Garland (2005)
When It's All Said & Done by Rob Garland & The Blue Monks (2003)  Press
Unplugged At The Focal Point by Rob Garland & The Blue Monks (Live) (2003)
Rob Garland & The Blue Monks (2002) 
Sway by Rob Garland (1999)

Do You Know by Breed (1998)  Press
​Dead Happy by Dead Happy (1996)  Press
A Field Of Flowers by DeadHappy (1994)

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