My music combines elements of rock, jazz, blues, & funk: vocal & instrumental compositions

 with an emphasis on the guitar. If you enjoy it, please help me spread the word and send a link   to your friends! Thanks, Rob

Playlist: "The Story So Far"  (2001-2022)

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        "Rob has a nice batch of tunes: funk, blues & jazz
          fusion. Great guitar playing and good voice too!" 

                                                                                Mike Varney
                                                                      (Shrapnel Records/Producer)

An instrumental ballad and homage to my favourite guitar player, Gary Moore. Stream/Download 

 "44 Moore" (2022)


                          Bands:  Rob Garland's Eclectic Trio and Catatonic

44 Moore (Homage to Gary Moore 2022)
126 (featuring Marco Minnemann, 2021)
Circles (recorded 2014, released 2021)
Quantum Waves (2020) (Credits)
A Different Song (2020) (Credits)
Restless(2020) (Credits) 
The Ranger's Descant (2019) (Credits)
Nuada On The One (2019) (Credits)
Hoodang (2018)
Led Meatbat (Live) (2018) (Credits)
Bayard's Stomp (Live) (2018) (Credits)
A Message Sent (2018)

The Fool (Acoustic) (2017)
Of Peace (2016)
Song For Jade (2015)
Ten Funk (2014)
Take These Blues (2014)


When It's All Said & Done by Rob Garland & The Blue Monks
(2021 Remaster + Bonus tracks Original Recording 2003) Press
Red Spectrum by Red Spectrum (2016)
Seven Voices (2016) by Rob Garland's Eclectic Trio
Purple Koan +3 (2014) by Rob Garland
Richer & Fuller by The Richard Fuller Quartet (2007)

Live by The Oday Project (2005)
Stars Turn Everywhere by Rob Garland (2005)
When It's All Said & Done by Rob Garland & The Blue Monks (2003)  Press
Unplugged At The Focal Point by Rob Garland & The Blue Monks (Live) (2003)
Rob Garland & The Blue Monks (2002) 
Sway by Rob Garland (1999)

Do You Know by Breed (1998)  Press
​Dead Happy by Dead Happy (1996)  Press
A Field Of Flowers by DeadHappy (1994)

Rob Garland Album