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GUITAR PLAY! Motivation & Practice - eBook

When we’re young we “play” the guitar, as we get older we “practice.”
For many the most difficult part of practicing guitar is opening the case.


So let’s play!

Guitar Play! Motivation & Practice                                                
Available on Amazon 

5 Star Amazon Reviews (International)

"This book will help you tackle the meaningful and worthwhile, yet difficult challenge of defining your voice on the instrument. And if you’ve ever said “man, if I only had the time to practice more”, you’ll love his guidance on the most efficient way to practice so you improve as fast as possible. Bottom line, if you want to get better faster so you can have more joy when you play, this book is for you." 

"Rob Garland's love of the guitar flows through this easily digested book. Distilled from a long career as a composer, gigging musician and teacher, these pearls of wisdom are sure you get you on the right track as you navigate learning the guitar. Keep it close as it contains something for everybody. "

"Enjoyable read with useful suggestions for focused practice. We’ve all felt frustrated in the progress of our playing and having an accomplished player share best practices along with the common things that sidetrack (i.e. G.A.S.) us is definitely helpful and motivating." 

"Rob Garland is a great guitar player, a wonderful teacher, and one of the most positive people with whom I've ever had the pleasure to interact. This book encompasses both his his teaching acumen and positivity into an easy to read, easy to digest package. I have a tiny YouTube channel, and every so often someone takes it upon themselves to tell me how bad my guitar playing is. That kind of negativity is all too prevalent. Instead, you can open Guitar Play! and read the chapter about celebrating small victories. It's the type of positive message that can help you keep things in perspective, and stay motivated to continue improving. Also, it's really inexpensive. Support positivity and buy it."


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