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Rob has been teaching guitar for over 25 years and has taught hundreds of private students across all ability levels and musical genres. He has has taught group classes, open counseling, private lessons and masterclasses for Musicians Institute (G.I.T.) in Hollywood, CA, where he served on the faculty.

2023 Sonora Guitar Intensive

He recently joined Sonora  as a full-time guitar mentor.

Rob has been featured in U.K. and U.S. guitar magazines, and has created numerous instructional courses for TrueFire & JamPlay, including the best selling 'Chord Navigator: CAGED' series.

Rob has written books for Cherry Lane/Hal Leonard, been published in the TrueFire Journal 'Riff,'
has a motivational eBook entitled 'Guitar Play!' and a Patreon site ‘The British Invasion.’ He is currently writing books for Fundamental Changes and is also a consultant for Blink Tech, a music education platform.

Guitar Play! Motivation & Practice! eBook available on Amazon

Here are some free lesson videos

Mixolydian Deep Dive - Live Masterclass - 
Watch the video here

All Things Diminished - Live Masterclass - Watch the video here
Here is a lesson published in Premier Guitar on the topic of The Mixo-Pentatonic Scale

Here's an article published in TrueFire's RIFF Journal on the topic of CAGED chords

Patreon Page 
Become a member of "The British Invasion!"

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